So, what’s the real deal with iBuyers, such as Open Door, Offer Pad and Zillow? 

They’re basically investors that will purchase your house by offering a convenient home-buying process. But, like all conveniences in life, they come with a price tag. Let’s look at the numbers: 

  If your house is worth $350,000. 

OfferPad – Open Door – Zillow, etc.

Purchase Price: $343,000
(2% below market value; $7,000 loss)

– Fee: 12% ($41,000)

$48,000 ($41,000 fees + $7,000 value loss) 

Real Estate Agent

Purchase Price: $350,000
(market value)

– Fees: 6% ($21,000)

$21,000 (fees)

So, $48,000 is what these investors will charge you to sell your house, while you’d only pay $21,000 for a real estate agent to sell your house. 

That’s a “convenience fee” of $27,000! I’ll help you keep your $27,000.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Spilling the tea:

  • On average, these companies will pay you between 1% – 3.5% below market value for your home.
  • On average, they charge between 8% – 15% in fees. The fees will be trickled in throughout the transaction with names such as “convenience charges.”
  • These companies will do an inspection of your home and often require that you do repairs with their vendors.

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